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Project Advocate for Mental Health

Jackson County Fair - July 2021
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Collaboration between Purdue Extension of Jackson County and Mental Health America of Jackson County will host a mental health awareness event at this year's Jackson County Fair. This event is called Project AMH; which stands for Project Advocate for Mental Health. We will be promoting local resources, national hotlines, programs within the school systems, and the different coalitions in Jackson County working with mental health. We will also strive educate the public on active steps the community is taking to help address mental health concerns. The goal Project AMH is to start a constructive conversation of mental health in our community.


The purpose of this project is to engage the community with our word wall.  A banner with the words "I MATTER" on it will be displayed providing people with the opportunity to write affirmations on mini post-it notes and put it in the letters on the banner.  The first-person point of view is meant to help start positive internal dialogue that is so important with mental health.  We hope by the end of the day all the letters will be filled with post-its and it'll make a colorful message.


A pamphlet will be available providing a lot of information including screening tools, hotlines, local organizations that provide mental health services, what our community is doing, and what you can do. 


Project AMH will take place on Monday, July 26, 2021 from 6pm to 8pm in front of the 4-H building (Farm Bureau rain location). 

Elizabeth Lenart, the Health and Human Sciences Intern for Purdue Extension of Jackson County, has taken on this project.   She is a rising junior at Purdue University majoring in public health.  At school, she is passionate about advocating for mental health and working to remove the stigma associated with getting help. 

We'll see you at the Jackson County Fair on July 26th!

Spa Gift Baskets

Spa Gift Baskets

Our Spa Gift Baskets include items such as coloring materials, games, snacks, hygiene items, and more. Due to COVID-19, MHAJC has not been able to hold social events; therefore, the gift baskets were delivered to group homes in Jackson County as a reminder of how much they mean us.