Rada Cutlery Fundraiser:

Our fundraisers support a variety of mental health initiatives or projects and programs each year. All fundraising dollars support our work in Jackson County.


Active Fundraisers:

*Rada Cutlery fundraising offers two ordering options.  The first option listed below allows buyers to purchase items anytime during the year with direct ordering and shipping.  The second option is through traditional catalog sales that occur twice per year.  Both options are fundraisers for Mental Health America of Jackson County.  Proceeds benefit a variety of mental health initiative programs offered in Jackson County.*

Help our group, Mental Health America of Jackson County, raise money for our mental health initiative programs. Just click this link or the image below, and our group will benefit from your purchase.  Thank you in advance for supporting our non-profit work in Jackson County!

(Please click the image below for purchase information.)


Other Fundraisers:

Mickman Wreath Fundraiser:

(This fundraiser is not yet active)


Mother's Day Gift Bags: 

(This fundraiser has recently ended for the 2021 year)