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I'm Thumbody Special

Helping children to recognize there is "No One Quite Like Me...or You!"

In an effort to provide our community's children with life skills to make decisions, resolve conflicts, and cope with challenges, Mental Health America has developed "I'm Thumbody Special," a self-esteem program presented to students in a classroom setting. This program is designed to help each student develop a strong concept of his or her own worth by focusing on individual differences and respect for others. This program encourages children to see differences as valuable as something that makes each one of us unique. By also making it clear that we are all alike in many ways, this program helps students learn to accept and value differences in themselves and others.
The "I'm Thumbody Special" program focuses on the theme "No One Quite Like Me...Or You." The activities done with students encourage positive self-esteem. Throughout the program, activities are done that encourage students to brighten their self-image through positive self-talk. Students also learn that they should seek friends and activities that make them feel good about themselves. Focusing on what the child sees as his or her strengths will help a child to determine activities that make them feel proud of themselves and will make it easier for them to recognize their own achievements. The "I'm Thumbody Special" program encourages students to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

"I'm Thumbody Special" emphasizes the importance of positive self-image in a child's ability to interact positively with others and to achieve his or her social and academic potential. By focusing on a child's strengths and building assets, this program will help them grow up to be healthy, caring and responsible. Positive self-esteem is reflected in a child with an optimistic outgoing personality.

Building a strong sense of self worth through the "I'm Thumbody Special" program will enable the growing child to reject destructive behavior and to emerge as a successful adult. Increasingly, educators and mental health professionals are recognizing the critical role resiliency plays in a child's ability to achieve his or her social and academic potental.

Through "I'm Thumbody Special," a child's resilience can be increased and their self worth is strengthened.

"No One Quite Like Me...or You!"

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