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Health Fairs

MHAJC is a willing participant in all area health fairs and community events.

Our goal is to educate the public to the wide variety of mental disorders and how they affect the individual, the family, and the workplace of those with these conditions. Recognizing and understanding the needs of those with mental illnesses is the first step in helping them achieve a more balanced life.

We have found health fairs to be a welcomed opportunity to meet and interact with the public as they search for more information. Most every family will at some point encounter a loved one that will suffer from some sort of reduced mental ability. This may surface as they struggle to make good decisions about their life and the well being of themselves or their family. These issues may be fleeting and last only a few days or they could be more severe bringing everyone involved into a stressful state because of a lack of understanding.

MHAJC provides a rack of Mental Health brochures on a wide variety of topics for both children and adults.

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